Sunday, 25 October 2020

place: soapworks space place practice

 space place practice is an artist research hub that spans the UK and internationally; we come together to create dialogues and to develop projects informed by a shared interest in notions of space, place and creative research. Our expanded practice is expressed in image word and action.

The Soapworks Exhibition, which is a collaborative project between Centre of Gravity and First Base, represents for our members an opportunity to respond to an extraordinary place and building. This collated publication has been supported through ACE funding and also The Art Research Centre, Bath Spa University.

Each member has a definitive creative practice and brings this to bear through encounters made; responding and activating their fieldwork through the spaces of imagination, architecture, histories, the real and the possible. The responses within this book raise questions around performing place, and consider an alternative model for dissemination of visual research generated through our experiences of the site.

Dr Michele Whiting

space place practice steering group
Rob Irving, Victoria Kaye, Michele Whiting

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