Friday, 26 August 2016

West Yorkshire Print Workshop

Inspiring, intense and highly productive week as artist in residence at West Yorkshire Print Workshop. I really loved being there exploring new work, new ideas and processes.

Monday, 8 August 2016

West Yorkshire Print Workshop Summer School

Thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Summer School - Inventive Intaglio  
Join our 2014 Flourish Award winner for an exciting workshop, which will focus on breaking the conventions of ‘traditional’ etching, exploring intaglio processes and collagraph techniques. We will experiment with multiplate, layering and colour techniques.
Working with drypoint, collagraph and etching processes, you will explore a wide variety of mark making methods. Tactile and sculptural marks can be produced by layering liquid ‘ground’ or wax onto a plate to act as a ‘resist’ or ‘stop-out’ to the etching solution.  The zinc and aluminium plates are then etched multiple times using a solution of copper sulphate, to build up your image in layers. Spontaneous mark-making and ‘open bite’ lines will be explored and printed, often producing beautiful abstract compositions. You will learn to register multiple plates and work with a variety of shapes and compositions. You will also learn about paper, inking and registration techniques.