Friday, 27 March 2015

Art-Athina, Greece

Please join us at HMS before the show tours to Art Athina in Athens for the largest Art fair in Greece.
Studio holders past and present, plus artists who have shown in HMS EXHIBITION SPACE were invited to make work on the theme of 'INBOX', dimensions :30cm x 30cm. 
Thirty artists responded to the invitation by making 40 works. These will form a grid structure which reference pigeon holes – also an inbox.
David Ainley     Lori Amor      Jackie Berridge      Richard Boyle     Fi Burke   
Mary Ellen Croteau     Lisa Denyer     Sue Disley     Flore Gardner     Louise Garland    Sue Greenaway  Terry Greene     Rob Hart     Carole Hawthorne     
Michelle Keegan Maggy Milner     Polly Parker      Andy Parkinson       Kerri Pratt   
Patrick Prentice     Rachel Pinks     Ed Sellman     Sheila Ravnkilde    
Steffie Richards   Beth Shapeero   Dee Shiels   Clay Smith   Kate Smith
Helen Stevenson     Helen Sutherland    Rob Van Beek   Paul Warren    
Alison Whitmore      Chris Wright 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Bespoke Drypoint Workshop

Teaching a workshop for Chris Smith of the 5 Dot Collective Cobden Chambers