Sunday, 23 August 2020

Space Place Practice

Delighted to have become a member of Space Place Practice

Space Place Practice is a research collective, in which visual artists and multi-disciplinary researchers meet to engage with issues of space, place and site. Its dimensions are produced through interaction and critical discourse which act as points of departure for individual practice and collaborative projects.

Together we challenge and explore the interstices between embodied practice and theoretical enquiry where there is no hierarchical distinction between making, thinking, writing, and doing. Our expanded practice is expressed in image, word and action.

Regular forums are held in which we discuss and invigorate methods, theories and creative practice, building on established and more experimental notions of Space and Place, which we understand to be mutable, fragile and evasive. We consider the forum to be a creative space in which we draw inspiration from our conversations; we regularly invite other practitioners (as well as members) to share their work and also their enthusiasms in order to create other ways of making and being.